The Burj Khalifa :: From The Air

rooftop anglers

Castles Beneath Cities

found at rebel:art

The Boss

©2009-2010 *Jack070

PRE festive SEASON

©2009-2010 =kyle28

Deux mondes

©2009-2010 *Autre-chose

City geometry

terre rouge


Hanging Around

The Briefest of Encounters

©2009-2010 =absolutpe

Painter Cedomir Kesic

I Dont Like Monsters

Nationaltheatre Railway Station, Oslo, Norway

melt shop (steel works)

50 mm / f3,5 / 1:30 / ISO 1250 / no tripod / only level adjustment and b/w conversion / no HDR!!!!!!

Morning in May

Another day


Stories Behind the Wall

Swirling Stacks ...